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A new GLASTON OY flat glass tempering line, which ensures the quality of tempered glass in accordance with the requirements of EN 12150 both when working with ordinary glass and when working with glass with multifunctional coatings (soft low-E) in Lithuania.

Top-class FOREL spa insulated glass unit line for facade glass, producing 3300×7000 mm structural glasses, started to operate in 2020 in the Baltic States.

The Bavelloni spa REV 372SR is a new generation shapes and straight glass cutting table with time-tested automatic glass cutting solutions. We are glad that several glass processing companies trust the quality and service of Bavelloni spa.

Reliable Bavelloni spa VE500 vertical glass grinding and polishing machines that was introduced to the market five years ago surely is taking the leading position among glass processing companies in the Baltic States. Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian manufacturers value the stability of the machine and low operating costs.

We are happy with the successful FOREL spa mod.EM, which was added to the equipment park of five architectural glass manufacturing companies in the Baltic States and the Ukraine, increasing the productivity of the companies and improving the quality of glass processing.

Process automation is penetrating glass processing plants. The first Bavelloni spa project, connecting two vertical glass grinding machines VE500-11 with a robot Comau NJ500, was launched in Lithuania.

Very successful Estonian company just got an upgrade of their machinery park. For this time, it is FOREL Art. EG. Customer was in need of fast and reliable machine, which will satisfy client’s needs in growing request of glass seaming. The easiest choice is FOREL machinery, which has all needed qualities for making perfect chamfer with accuracy and speed. FOREL Art. EG. Is equipped with two heads working in one sync. This provides even more efficient workload and can process two glass sheets simultaneous. Result satisfied factory managers with all their needs speed and quality of processing. Operators remained highly evaluated simplicity of FOREL software to manage machine operations.

We are grateful to the Ukrainian company “Paritet” for choosing FOREL spa equipment. When every stage of order fulfillment is important, the PARITET company daily improves not only business processes, but also constantly renews its equipment park, choosing only the best world brands. In September, 2021 PARITET employees underwent training and have already started fulfilling orders for the FOREL EM edging machine, which is one of the most demanded in the Forel product line. It is a solution for float and laminated glass edging. The machine can perform the following treatments: seaming, grinding and polishing. Thanks to modern technologies and patented engineering solutions, equipment reliability, high quality and speed of glass processing are guaranteed. Now orders will be completed on time and meet all requirements and quality standards.

In response to today’s trends to reduce resource consumption, improve the working environment for workers, modern glass processors choose to work with DIEFFE Macchine water treatment systems. The exclusive advantage of DIEFFE systems is the treatment of coolant water without the use of chemicals. Such an automatic water purification system was supplied to a leading company in the Republic of Belarus for the production of glass for household appliances. A fully automatic water purification system will collect the sludge in a compressed form, dumping it into a bag installed under the centrifuge. Such a system purifies three times more water in a period of time. DIEFFE Macchine ecological water purification systems (without chemicals) become economical systems: there are no expenses for the purchase of chemicals, reduced water consumption, constant quality of glass processing.


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