Since 1997 JSC “Idelis” is known as a supplier of industrial glass processing machinery and tools. Company is a representative for worldwide leaders of glass processing machinery manufacturers: Bavelloni s.p.a.,  Fratelli Pezza s.r.l., Malnati, Forel, Softsolution, Studio 1 Automazioni, Si.Ste, TK, GMC for glass industry, in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine.

Company mission

Company‘s mission  is to provide everyone with the optimum glass production and glass processing solutions to help them to increase  productivity, to reduce the cost and to minimize the risk.


Vission is to be a reliable advisor and long-term partner as for large flat glass processing companies, as for small glass design studios.


I INSPIRED COMMITMENT to customers and partners
E EFFECTIVENESS in operations
L LEARNING the needs
I INOVATION in glass processing technology
S SUCCESS through continuous development


  • To provide professional advice and supplying the highest quality flat glass cutting, grinding, polishing, drilling, bevelling, washing, insulating glass production, sandblasting, tempering, bending, fusing, laminating glass and glass melting equipment and tools;
  • To create optimal conditions for efficient and stable operation, maximum control of order execution;
  • To ensure employees’ professional development and self-expression trough promotion of fair work, customer focus and respect to competitor and partners;
  • To care about the environment, supplying only modern equipment, safe materials and tools.
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